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Optima Management Software User Manuals/Tips

For any clients that need FREE training support, please contact us using the "Contact Us" page of this website and click the blue "Schedule an Appointment" button on the top right or contact Jeff Sgarlata.

The files below provide a more detailed description of the uses and various features of the software. They will also help you in achieving the best result for various tasks. Click on a topic to open a PDF file. Adobe PDF Reader is required to view files and can be downloaded for free at

School Profile:

  • Profile

  • Users

  • Belt Styles

  • Belts

  • Awards

  • Program Types

  • Enrollment

  • Class Groups

  • Status

  • Sources


Student Profile:

  • Details

  • Programs

  • Payments

  • More coming soon


Automatic Billing:

  • What the billing features does and quick tips

  • How to add an auto payment

  • How to add a “Paid at School” payment

  • How to change a payment due date

  • How to cancel remaining payments

  • How to change credit card/banking information or change credit card expiration date

  • How to change number of payments remaining

  • Understanding the Alert Page

  • Missing Payment

  • Payment Declined

  • Credit Card Expiring

  • Suspended

  • End of the month report

  • Number of accounts 

  • Accounts Receivables 

  • Expected future auto payments

  • Creating an account with Constant Contact

  • Connecting your account to Constant Contact

  • Uploading a list to Constant Contact

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