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Valentine's Day Guest Passes

Give your students exciting, unique Valentine's Day cards to hand out to friends in school.

Design 1: Karate Kickers

Front Design 1

with pink background

Front Design 1

with red background

Back Design 1

Available Headings

for front of card:


Happy Valentine's Day


Have a Kickin' Valentine's Day


Wishing you a Ninjawesome Valentine's Day


Have a karate filled Valentine's Day


OR Create your Own!

Design 2: Ninjas

Front Design 2

with red background

Front Design 2

with green background

Front Design 2

with blue background

Back Design 2

FREE with your order

Get a FREE flyer for your dojo to help remind students to get their passes.  Flyer will be customized with your selected cards.


8.5" X 11" Pdf file


Select your design,color and heading.  Customize with your logo, dojo information and promotional offer. 

Card size=3" x 4"

12 pt cardstock, one glossy side and one uncoated side.

Uncoated side allows students to easily write their name on the card.

7-10 day turnaround from acceptance of proof and payment, shipped directly to you.

Orders must be submitted before January 15th.



(per design chosen)                     Cost

500                                            $170

1000                                          $175

1500                                          $180

2000                                          $185

2500                                          $190

3000                                          $195

Order by January 1,   and save 10%

How to Order:

Complete the order form. click here.  No payment required until and acceptance of proof.

For more information, contact Matthew Williams @ 315-288-6636


NOTE:  When ordering more than one design, each design and quantity are considered separate items for pricing.  For example if you want to order 1000 cards = 500 design 1 and 500 design 2,  the pricing is figured off the 500 quantity pricing x 2.  

Gustavo Larrea:

"These are great--worked well for us last year"


Theron Fiedt:

"The artwork turn around was quick and production started immediately after approval. Great service!"


Michael Pam:

"Professional looking cards. Ease of ordering. No brainer."


Michelle Gay:

"The service was easy to use, the editing process and delivery were quick and we love the cards! Thank you!"

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