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“Know your numbers, Grow your
numbers”.  Know where your dojo stands
towards your target goals for statistics as
well as keep your finger on the pulse on the
daily results.  You choose what date range
you wish to review and our software does the
rest.  Results can be compared in a day to
day or a month to month format. Easy to
read and understand reports help you
understand the needs of your dojo.




Select from 18 standard fields and create up to 5 custom fields.

Create and manage users

User friendly format.


Day-to-Day Sample Report

Month-to-Month Sample Report


Multiple school owner:
The statistical program for multiple schools is available in web based form only. With Sgarware, you are able to retrieve statistics from all your locations at the click of a button. You can view and compare statistics from an individual location or multiple locations at the same time. Sgarware gives you the freedom to choose how you view the information. Compare results in a day to day or a month to month format. Being web based also gives you the freedom to access the program from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Multiple School Sample Reports – Master Stats


Sgarware is specially designed to supply Martial Arts Schools with the necessary tools to succeed in a fast and growing market.  We have developed programs to help you succeed in your business.  Web based, so you can access your program from any web browser.  Software works on PC’s and Macs.  User friendly format for your convenience.


Dojo Statistics

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