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Halloween Guest Passes

Three different front designs available, one back design

Obtain new students through your current students.  Many people like to hand out something positve, along with candy, to children on Halloween.  These cards allow your current students/families to have that option.  Students can write their name on the back of the cards to show their support to your dojo while giving the children something that is good for them.

Front Design 1

Front Design 2

Front Design 3

Back Design


You can select 1, 2 or  3 different front designs and you can customize:

Logo, Special, Catch Phrase ("Awesome..."), and dojo information. 

Card size=3" x 4"

12 pt cardstock, glossy front, uncoated back.

Uncoated back allows students to easily write their name on the card.

7-10 day turnaround from acceptance of proof and payment, shipped directly to you.

Order before October 1st to allow enough time to hand out to students 1-2 weeks prior to Halloween.


Quantity                                     Cost                  Cost per card

(per design chosen)               Optima Clients      

500                                            $134                       $0.26

1000                                          $140                       $0.14

1500                                          $186                       $0.12

2000                                          $200                       $0.10

3000                                          $250                       $0.08


FREE with your order

Flyer for your dojo to remind students to get their passes.

8.5" X 11" Pdf file

How to Order:

Fill out form below.  No payment required until and acceptance of proof

For more information, contact Jeff Sgarlata @ 315-727-3952


NOTE:  When ordering more than one design, each design and quantity are considered seperate items for pricing.  For example if you want to order 1000 cards = 500 design 1 and 500 design 2,  the pricing is figured off the 500 quantity pricing x 2.  

Gustavo Larrea:

"These are great--worked well for us last year"


Theron Fiedt:

"The artwork turn around was quick and production started immediately after approval. Great service!"


Michael Pam:

"Professional looking cards. Ease of ordering. No brainer."


Michelle Gay:

"The service was easy to use, the editing process and delivery were quick and we love the cards! Thank you!"

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